Архив метки: fledermaus

Ida — Die Fledermaus in Houston

Ulyana’s HGO debut as Adele’s sister Ida in Die Fledermaus! She will be covering Adele, as well in this mainstage production.

Prince Orlofsky’s costume ball-the most coveted invitation of the year-drives the action of this urbane farce by Johann Strauss.Captivating serenades, a famous Hungarian csárdás, and, of course, lilting waltzes, permeate the luscious score from the «Waltz King.» A stylish deco-inspired setting adds to the witty, sophisticated fun.

«[Liam Bonner] is a find, tall and good looking, with a big, beautiful baritone that filled the theater with ease … ardent and believable.» — St. Louis Post- Dispatch

«Harmer has a big, billowing, shiny soprano that seems ideally suited to the bold heroines of the German Romantic repertory.» — Opera News

«Seductive and sultry, [Claycomb] slew the audience with vocal theatrics.» — Houston Chronicle

«… mezzo-soprano Susan Graham added one more entry to her long list of triumphs with the company, turning in a performance marked by nobility and technical bravura.» — San Francisco Chronicle

Adele — Die Fledermaus in Moscow