Debut at Glyndebourne!


Ulyana made an earlier-than-expected debut at the English festival this last Thursday, jumping in for an ailing colleague.  She sang her debut with aplomb and had one commenter on The Spectator commenting:

«Ulyana Aleksyuk stood in for the indisposed Claycomb and looked astonishing — if ENSA really had performers like her they’d have had to put bromide in the tea of the troops in large quantities. Given the short notice she apparently had Ms Aleksyuk performed really well …»

Whilst one must wish Laura Claycomb an alacritous recovery, her replacement Ulyana Aleksyuk gave a breath-taking Glyndebourne début as Zerbinetta, performing the role with all the coquettishness and coloratura agility required of an infamously difficult part.»

More pictures to come soon!